Bonfire – AC/DC Tribute

7pm Thursday August 4
East Stage

If you’re looking for a band to fill your venue with an overload of pure rock ’n’ roll along with the patrons who love it, BONFIRE: A TRIBUTE TO AC/DC is the band to book.

BONFIRE will pack crowds in at casinos, festivals, specialty events, and other large venues. All the while sounding and dressing the parts, BONFIRE delivers a high-energy show that brings people in from all over to relive the massively successful career of AC/DC’s music and live show—and they always return for more!

Playing the very best of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras, BONFIRE delivers the true sounds of AC/DC and a total visual experience, with authentic AC/DC instruments and the right amplification for authentic tonal sonic quality. Featuring a fully outfitted Angus Young act with Donnie B. in the proper schoolboy suit, the band’s head-bobbin’, hair flyin’, duck-walkin’, and note-for-note guitar abilities all blast through their energetic stage show!

Members of BONFIRE’s line-up are masters of their craft, with years of experience immersing themselves in a sound that is as close to the real AC/DC as possible.

BONFIRE has entertained at festivals, large music venues, and private events alike. Many of their loyal fans travel over 200 miles to follow the band. BONFIRE is dedicated to presenting a high-quality show, drawing your patrons in to experience something much more exciting and unique than just another local cover band—setting your event apart from the rest!

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