Bed Race

1pm Saturday

To Benefit Teresa House, Lima Ambulance & Regiment

This is the famous and historic Lima CrossRoads Festival Bed Race that is viewed by hundreds of spectators every year!

$300 First Place

$100 Second Place

$50 Third Place

Use this as your company/organization team building event this summer!


  • The ‘bed’ must have wheels (no specific number of wheels – Rental beds are available)
  • The ‘bed’ must have 2 sheets and a pillow with pillow case
  • The ‘bed’ must have a teddy bear
  • 5 person team ‐ one on/in bed to shoot baskets and four pushing

Race Course

  1. Start Line ‐ Wait for the air horn to go
  2. Race to the basketball hoop ‐ 5 Chances to Score
  3. Race to the “Jug Filling” with the Bedpan
  4. Fill the jug wait for the signal to go from judge
  5. Race to the finish line


Your Bed
Our Bed
$40 $60

*Best Looking Team gets their registration fee refunded!

  • Must Register by 8/03/2024 at 12:00 noon at the Town Hall front steps.
  • Limited to 15 team entries.
  • Can race for free,but will not be eligible for prize money.

Festival Sponsor

- Blue Heron Logistics -
- Burley Construction -

Presenting Sponsors

- Crossroads Chiropractic - Bears Playgrounds -
- Lakelands Concrete Products, Inc. - Meisenzahl Farms -

The Lima Crossroads Festival is presented and operated by the Lima Crossroads Council, Inc. a non-for-profit organization.